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💫Excited to highlight an article I recently wrote, “Career Education: Let’s Get Back On Board,” that emphasizes the importance of encouraging students who want to learn a skill or a trade instead of, or in addition to, a college education.

📖Read the full story by visiting Local News Pasadena here.

  • Tammy Silver

Thrilled and honored to receive the Leader of the Year award from LACSTA, the Los Angeles County School Trustees Association. 😊 With special thanks to fellow PCC trustee, Dr. Steven A. Gibson and PCC President/Superintendent Dr. Jose A. Gomez. It is a true pleasure to serve our community and the students, faculty and staff at Pasadena City College ❤️ 💛 

  • Tammy Silver

Feeling incredibly honored and grateful to be sworn in for another term on the PCC Board of Trustees by the wonderful Dr. Jack Scott. 🌟 From being past PCC President to State Assemblyman and Senator, his legacy inspires us all. After the amazing ceremony with loved ones, it's straight back to work at our regular board meeting. I'll keep working to provide a bright future for our outstanding students!

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