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  • Tammy Silver

Community College Students – You still have time to submit your FAFSA. It’s NOT too late! If you attend or want to attend a community college, the deadline is September 3, 2024 to submit. PCC has one-on-one financial aid support to help you. If you have questions or need help with your FAFSA, come by the financial aid office for a same-day sit down with an advisor. College is for everyone!

💫Excited to highlight an article I recently wrote, “Career Education: Let’s Get Back On Board,” that emphasizes the importance of encouraging students who want to learn a skill or a trade instead of, or in addition to, a college education.

📖Read the full story by visiting Local News Pasadena here.

  • Tammy Silver

Thrilled and honored to receive the Leader of the Year award from LACSTA, the Los Angeles County School Trustees Association. 😊 With special thanks to fellow PCC trustee, Dr. Steven A. Gibson and PCC President/Superintendent Dr. Jose A. Gomez. It is a true pleasure to serve our community and the students, faculty and staff at Pasadena City College ❤️ 💛 

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