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  • Tammy Silver

Amazing Science is Happening at PCC

Amazing science is happening at PCC.🧬🧪 Pasadena City College received a $1 million gift from the W. M. Keck Foundation for the College’s Biological Technology Program. Approximately 55 students can participate in the program each year, and look at what they will learn: “stem-cell based biomanufacturing for the production of stem cell therapeutics with the potential to treat a variety of diseases and disorders.” Wow, certainly more advanced than in my college days! We are proud and honored to receive this as it is the first gift to ANY individual community college made by the Keck Foundation. But wait, there’s more... PCC also received a $478,000 grant from a National Science Foundation award to a UCLA-directed program in future manufacturing. PCC students, faculty, and staff will partner with educators at UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and Caltech as part of the four-year project to design tools and components to build microscopic liquid reactors made with DNA and RNA. Come to PCC, do great science.

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