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  • Tammy Silver

Measure PCC – It’s good for all of us

Good-paying jobs. A bright future for our community. If you live in the district boundaries of Pasadena City College, Measure PCC is on your ballot. Here’s why you want to support it.

For nearly 100 years, Pasadena City College has provided high-quality, affordable college education and career training for residents of all ages. With the rising cost of four-year college, many students are turning to community college for higher education at a fraction of the cost of Cal State, University of California (UC) and private universities.

Pasadena City College is an incredible asset to our community. Not only is PCC #1 in the entire State of California in transferring students to the UC and CSU, but PCC is also an incredible engine for jobs and economic growth in our region. We offer world-class career and technical training. Training for STEM jobs is a great strength at PCC. For example, Caltech has students that dream up experiments and research, but they need highly skilled people to run their labs and experiments. This is where PCC steps in. We have one program that trains students in micro-nano technology where PCC students get hands-on lab experience in this cutting-edge area. PCC received a $1 million grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation for the college’s Biological Technology Program, again allowing students to get practical experience leading to high-paying jobs. Pasadena City College is one of very few community colleges to receive a grant from the National Science Foundation and this grant is to train students in “future manufacturing techniques.” These are the jobs of the future. Any community would love to have a workforce trained in these high-value skills.

In addition to being the gateway to jobs, businesses, and industries of the future, PCC maintains outstanding training in traditional programs such as auto repair, nursing, dental hygiene, firefighting, hospitality, cosmetology, and so much more. These are good careers where people can build a solid future and perhaps open their own businesses and employ others.

Why are we asking the community to pass this bond? Our last bond was issued twenty years ago. Two decades ago! Many of PCC’s facilities were built over 50 years ago and after years of use need renovation and upgrade. Measure PCC provides locally controlled funding that allows Pasadena City College to upgrade aging classrooms, modernize labs and improve job training facilities. These improved spaces will better prepare students in our community to transfer to a university and to prepare for in-demand jobs in science, healthcare, nursing, skilled trades, and more.

Please join me in voting Yes on PCC by November 8 to provide high-quality, modern facilities for our students and maintain and improve this incredible asset to our community, Pasadena City College.

Thank you very much!

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