• Tammy Silver

PCC is a Vote Center!

If you choose to vote in person, PCC is the place to go. Plenty of free parking in Lot 1 and then walk over to the Vote Center in Creveling Lounge. The Vote Center is open every day from Saturday, October 24 through Monday, November 2 from 10am-7pm and is open on Election Day, November 3 from 7am-8pm.

I was on a webinar with an election expert and he said the gold standard of voting is in-person at a vote center BEFORE election day. He said if you are healthy and are comfortable voting in person, to do it because votes at a vote center are so much quicker and easier for the Registrar to count. Pro tip: bring you ballot packet with you for a super fast check in. Vote by mail or vote in person, it doesn't matter just as long as you get out and VOTE!

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